This is a beginner's guide to help you get started with allows you to perform deployment without having to know anything about Kubernetes (K8s). That said, it is designed to give you unlimited flexibility - So, as your requirements become more advanced (and you become more familiar with K8s), you will be able to use kubectl commands directly to get more fine-tuned control over your cluster. focuses on real-time apps based on SCC (SocketCluster) but it can be used to deploy and manage any kind of app or service to K8s.

We recommend going through each section of this guide sequentially since each section builds on top of the previous one. Note that the setup process has several independent parts involving multiple services so it can take a while to complete - This is the cost of having highly decoupled services. We'll be working to simplify the process over time as much as possible.

After you've completed the initial setup and deployment, adding new hosts and deploying services should be really easy (single-line command for deployments).

We try to be as thorough as possible in our descriptions - You don't need to know how to use EC2 or Docker/DockerHub in order to setup and use All the steps in this guide have been tested on both Linux (Ubuntu) and OSX.

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